Thục Sơn Kỳ Hiệp

Thục Sơn Kỳ Hiệp

The Legend Of Zu (2001)
Full HD - Vietsub

Directors: Hark Tsui
Actors: Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, Ziyi Zhang, Cecilia Cheung, Patrick Tam, Kelly Lin, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Ng Kong, Jing Wu, Shun Lau, Gang Wu, Tian Zhuo, Kai Shi Chen, Kai Kang, Tan Jian Chang, Yue Wu, Yuan Shi Long, Steve Apostolina
Genres: Phim lẻ, Hành Động, Viễn Tưởng,
Country: Trung Quốc,
Time: 1 giờ 44 phút
Release Year: 2001
Sản xuất:
Hark Tsui, Man Choi Lee, Adam Bernardi

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Thông tin

Between the heaven and the Earth exist the Zu';s mountain range, where live the immortals of Omei, the highest mountain of Zu, but the kingdom is in danger by Amnesia, a renegade immortal what want to rule Zu and all the world. White Eyebrows, Zu';s leader, call to his most experts fighters for to defeat Amnesia until destroy It, but Amnesia hides in the legendary and almost myth Blood Cave in order to make stronger his powers. While Red, Eyebrows'; servant, watches the enter of Blood Cave, King Sky and the others warriors will try to find a way of exterminate Amnesia with an ancient and powerful mystical swords, hoping to be free of the Amnesia';s threat.

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