Ốc Đảo Tuổi Trẻ

Ốc Đảo Tuổi Trẻ

Oasis (2023)
Ep 4/16 - Vietsub

Directors: Han Hee, Jung Hyung-soo
Actors: Jang Dong-yoon, Seol In-a, Choo Young-woo, Kim Myung-soo, So Hee-jung, Kang Ji-eun, Hyun Seung-hee
Genres: Phim bộ, Tâm Lý,
Country: Hàn Quốc,
Time: 1h 8 Phút
Release Year: 2023
Sản xuất:

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Thông tin

Set in the turbulent times of South Korea between the ’80s and ’90s, it depicts the fierce life, revenge, and conflict of young people who have to pursue power and wealth by any means in an era filled with wrong social values. Lee Doo Hak is a young man who was bo in a small city in Jeolla Province and grew up innocent with a clever brain. However, he fatefully becomes caught in a whirlpool of events and ends up in the middle of conflict. After going through a real estate fraud group, he becomes a “political gangster” and lives his life to avenge his father’s unjust death.

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