Nhà Bếp

Nhà Bếp

The Kitchen (Кухня) (2012)
Complete - Vietsub

Directors: Vitaly Shlyappo, Vasily Kutsenko, Igor Tudvasev, Dimitry Jan, Pavel Danilov
Actors: Dmitri Nazarov, Dmitriy Nagiev, Sergey Epishev, Olga Kuzmina, Viktor Horinyak, Марина Могилевская, Sergey Lavygin, Mikhail Tarabukin, Zhanyl Asanbekova
Genres: Phim bộ, Hài Hước, Tâm Lý,
Country: Nga,
Time: 24 Phút
Release Year: 2012
Sản xuất:

10 / 1 lượt
Thông tin

Food has always been around people. She tempts, inspires, admires, disgusts. But man cannot do without food, so he who creates food can rule the world. This is what Maxim Lavrov thought when he went to realize his dream - to get a job as a chef in one of the most expensive restaurants in the capital. The dream came true, but in fact everything tued out not so tasty. The chef of the restaurant Victor Barinov is a real star of gastronomic beau monde, who knows how to please the disceing audience. The flip side of this ideal image is alcohol abuse, passion for gambling and unbearable character. Barinov is terrible in anger, indomitable in the wildeess. Art director Victoria Goncharova is a real snow queen, a careerist with an icy heart, but it is with her that Max spends the night before going to a new job. And the whole team of chefs is just waiting for the newcomer's mistakes to laugh from the heart.

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