Anh Hùng Thiết Quyền

Anh Hùng Thiết Quyền

The Righteous Fists (2022)
Completed - Lồng tiếng

Actors: DaDa Wong Chi Hang, Grace Wong, Joel Chan, Cheung Kwok-Keung, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu, Philip Ng Wan-Lung, Yuen Qiu, Mary Hon
Genres: Phim bộ, Hành Động, Tâm Lý, Bí Ẩn-Huyền Bí, Võ Thuật,
Country: Hồng Kông,
Time: 42 Phút
Release Year: 2022
Sản xuất:

8.2 / 36 lượt
Thông tin

In the 1930s, Bo Ching-wan and his family have come to crime infested Tong Yan Street in Bangkok. His father Bo Tin-ha tragically dies after he has teamed up with Lin Chun-shan to rebel against Lo Heung-tung. Ching-wan’s younger brother and sister have also gone missing. His mother Ting Sai-fung has become emotionally unstable. Twenty-five years later, Ching-wan sets foot in Tong Yan Street again and encounters a swindler called Chin Chin-chin. Chun-shan’s son Lin Gik tus out to be a corrupt cop. His colluding partners Pang Kin and Kam Lung are bosses of the two most notorious gangs. Pang Kin’s only son retus to Bangkok with his fiancée Ching On-na. However, he is assassinated, causing the two gangs to clash with each other. Ching-wan establishes Overseas Chinese Society of Bangkok. Ching-wan and his partners encourage good deeds and punish the baddies. The Society is in disarray as it repeatedly faces up to difficulties. There is still a long way to go before the chums find peace.

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